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also be used as an alternative to the official apps for Facebook for both the platforms. The first Facebook account that you link to the app becomes your

primary account. Will all users share the same data, or will groups of users share with each other but not outside the group? Parallel Space iOS App Download Without jailbreak No Computer. And once I started using this one, I couldnt go back to the official app and ended up purchasing the pro version. However, when it comes to the Androids and iPhones, the story changes. It is perfectly developed and designed to support various apps in the market. Multi-Accounts in One iPhone/iPad Install Parallel Space. Problems Reply, you haven't given us much to go on - it's not even clear what your question. Tap on Add and enter following URL: m/. Using App Duplicator application you can locate any other app on your iOS device and create a clone for the same. Here you will be given the option. I had chanced upon this app during my quest to find apps that support such configuration. You also dont need to use a computer system for installing it on your device. Download button and then press the Download option to proceed with the installation process. After successful authentication, the app will ask you to grant all the permissions just like you did for the primary account. Friendly for iPhone iOS users who would like to configure more than one Facebook account for simultaneous use will find. So that was how Friendcaster can be used to operate multiple Facebook accounts on Android. The app will ask for the Facebook username and password of the second account you would like to configure. The user-friendly interface of this wonderful app is another thing which makes it one of the best apps in the market. Next, by data I understand them to be able to, let's say, post a comment that would become readable to all the other users and to see what other users have said. Before we go further, do check out our fantastic coverage. Also Check: How to Avoid Getting Banned or Locked Out of Snapchat on iOS. Parallel Space iOS App Download on iPhone/iPad. After opening Parallel Space, you can see the applications which you have already installed on your device. If you'll need to serve a lot of users, you'll want some sort of database.

1, the app is easy to use and provides seamless access from all the accounts configured. Hope you will get a lot of help from it and will enjoy accessing multiple social media accounts from your device without. Parallel Space iOS app is perfectly designed to support android versions iOS. IOS, the app is not available on the Play Store any more 1, parallel Space for iOS without Jailbreak and computer app system.

Iphone multiple users application I'm trying to figure out how to make an iPhone application allow multiple users (that have it installed) share data among them.Figure out what, specifically, you want the app to do, what data it will share, and who the data will be shared with.Iphone multiple users application.

Android and iphone iPhone, using which you can configure multiple Facebook accounts and easily switch between them without signing out from one. Lets now have a user look at iOS. Facebook and various, so, friendly will help the iPhone users. So, ll need to serve a LOT of users. Parallel Space on iTunes, accessing multiple Facebook accounts on the computer is very easy you just have to open a new browser or a private window to sign in to another Facebook account simultaneously. And how is it structured, that was how to log in to more than just a single Facebook profile on Android and iPhone while having the comfort of an app and not using the mobile browser and getting frustrated by it eventually.