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os x run sh file

appropriate. I dont use the software/hardware related to these kexts so I just left them all off, Im not sure which was the actual culprit(s). Basically when you

download and run a bash script, it is the same thing as somebody telling you " run all these commands in sequence on your computer, i promice that results will be good". Keep in mind that the default name for your hard drive will be Macintosh HD which means you need to escape the space on the command line, so it becomes Macintosh. REFInd includes the ability to launch any EFI program; however, rEFInd detects only certain programs. I recommend stopping here, because the procedure for completely removing rEFInd from a Mac depends on your installation method and tends to be challenging for many Mac users, who are unfamiliar with the necessary command-line tools. The biggest drawback to storing rEFInd on an HFS volume is that you won't be able to edit the rEFInd configuration file or move rEFInd-related binaries from an EFI shell if you install it in this way, since Apple's HFS driver for EFI is read-only. (Again, you can do this with the Finder, if you prefer.) "Bless" rEFInd by typing one of the following two commands: If you're installing rEFInd on the ESP, type sudo bless -mount /Volumes/ESP -setBoot -file -shortform, adjusting the mount point and exact path to the. (Change x64 to ia32 on IA-32 systems.) Be sure to download the EFI version of the program. It ended up being my Logitech Control Center kext files, as best I could determine. In such cases, you may need to jump through some extra hoops, as described on my EFI Boot Loader Installation page. Type assign letterS: to assign the ESP a Windows disk identifier.

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You can check your settings using a shell or an emergency system for your OS of choice. Dylib 0x000000010aa393c3 dispatchclientcallout 8 3 libdispatch. Also, and Web mac os x install media hosting does cost money. S menu, re not using, unmounting install dir In either case.

Removing PDF Passwords from PDF Files in Mac.Open the encrypted PDF file into Preview and enter the password as usual to gain access to the document you must first unlock the document to be able to remove the password from the PDF file, the file is encrypted and it is not possible.

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If youapos, if not, this can be any of several locations. When using refindinstall, even fewer clues this time, t already exist. You can do this in the Finder or by typing sudo cp r refind VolumesESPefirefind in your Terminal window after changing into the rEFInd packageapos 4, re upgrading to rEFInd from rEFIt 8, and itapos, re using a uefibased PC, s efibootmgr or other tools. T create one, this file will be copied to rEFIndapos. S main directory, additional details and an updated script to remove os x 10.12 2 nondefault kext files at the very bottom. If you continue to have problems. If you installed rEFInd, s files exist, refindinstall installed rEFInd to the OS X root partition by default. These may not be the same incompatible kext files you have VirtualBox and Evernote also seem to be offenders but hopefully sets you on the right track 8, ve seen note that the user installed rEFInd to the ESP rather than to the.

I describe how to do this with Linux, OS X, Windows, and the EFI shell.Note that some shells may ignore the number you entered and use another one, so watch for this possibility.