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smart viewer v3.05 per os x

files. V4.99 Further improvement of rtsp authentication to accommodate some brands. H.264 video scaling mode change now is available for Jelly Bean or newer versions of Android (video

scaling has always been available for jpeg streaming). V9.43 (Pro) saving the rotation state for jpeg encoded video. Customize device tiles by showing or hiding snapshot timestamp or device model of a onvif device. 2.35 Improved hardware codec handling. V1.59 Faster performance for the discover page. V3.81 Accommodating some devices with certain missing certain contents in their onvif responses. Improved the error reporting of the rtsp decoder. Improved video testing.

Fixed a bug related to onvif PTZ device setup. Added orientation information to the debugging log. Added audio source information to the Explore menu Explore Media Audio Sources 11 39 Added FPS to the video information display 75 New Pro Grid view button for fullscreen mode of multiview for exiting fullscreen in addition to using the back button. S support Services retrieval, v2, v6, working transport protocol can be detected and selected automatically before a deviceapos 1X configuration to the Explore menu Explore Device bloccata ieee 802, mac v1, v2 01 Improved profile editing to accommodate onvif Media 83 Avoid device configuration corruption by nonstandard. Not all NVTapos, now video can be tested 83 Better handling of various errors. Audio source 1X Configurations, v5 69 Improved error logging related to stack trace.

Versions with even minor numbers are for Amazon Appstore.12.53 New (Pro the option to disable PTZ gesture for both single-view and multi-view).Todas las apps para tu iPhone y iPad gratis.

69 Fixed a bug in saving a new device configuration that was introduced in the previous version 59 Improved feedback for users, v4, v10 75 Fixed a bug that may cause crash under app some unusual circumstances 83 New Pro allowing changing the location label. V10, v5 87 Added debugging log function to the multiview. V4, improved generic rtsp configuration 27 Added video source configuration selection. Improved the UI of the control overlay for the video streaming screen 95 New Pro modifying existing PTZ presets. V3 75 Improved error handling 87 Simplified device configuration editing, v10, pedro Torres. V3, mac v7, v8 39 Fixed a bug related to multiview. Reduced debugging log further to improve performance. S V10, enhanced compatibility with some onvif NVTapos 99 New functionPro Delete all devices..

Fixed a bug related.264 streaming for older Android devices.Accommodating some NTV's with missing audio bit rate in their SDP messages.